Going green

diy dress

It started with a shopping frustration. And ended up with a DIY substitute.

Where the idea came from

1 month ago, I fell in love —again— with a dress that had a contrasting collar. That was the one:


It was minimalist, colorful and simple. However, I was this close to buy it —even if I’ve promised myself not to buy anymore clothes and treat my monthly budget better than my overcrowded closet. (Lucky me?), I realized that my size was sold out. I took it as a sign and decided to make my way, for much cheaper.

The day after that, I got another crush: the Lindsey Stirling’s top she wears on the cover of her 1st album —if you don’t know yet the sound of her enchanting violin, click here:

This one had a lil something the initial dress I had spotted didn’t: the printed collar, contrasting even more with the rest of the clothe made out of basic fabric.

Getting started

That was it: I dug into my treasure box and mixed and matched these pieces of fabric I had bought a while ago —almost 6 months!

green fabric

I am usually more fan of leather, but as I got this black leatherette sample for free from work, I just got into a “wild” print mood.

As I wanted the dress to be done by the end of the week, I re-used the pattern I already sewn for that dress, decided to shorter the sleeves and add a sharp collar. So, I quickly set up my machine and started the project!

diy and sewing

custom dress

I hesitated for a loooooong time before choosing the simple external stitching for the sleeves.

And finally…

I followed up my photograph friend to the park for a few pictures, where the fall colors were starting to cover up the trees as well as the floor














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