Back (up!)


This time, I wanted a backless dress. As I was (again) picky and found nothing I really liked in shops, I decided to made my own.

That was it. I was obsessed with the idea. After having seen quite a few amazing backless dresses in Pinterest, I couldn’t think of anything but getting one. But all the dresses I could find in shop or online was over-expensive…or just not my taste.

I had spotted a pattern in a new Sewing magazine I had bought at the begining of the past summer (RIP): the one on the right below. Even if the back was pretty much like the one I had in mind, I wasn’t a big fan of the skirt part —for I already made a few dresses alike, such as the red one. As a was wondering which kind of skirt I could use for this project, I spotted this asymmetrical skirt on magazine and on a few pictures I found doing a few researches:


That was it! I just had to change half of the dress’s pattern to the one I wanted.

Beside, the sharp lines of the skirt were perfect to remind the lines of the backless top. That’s how I went for a graphic-but-minimalist dress.

The pattern


The result




Average time spent: 10 hours

Average buying cost (fabric, lining, yarn, zip): 17€

Picture credits: Cecile Calliere


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