2I had been given a wonderful vintage fabric a few years ago… It was high time to make something of it!

Vintage touch

Ever seen the movie or read the Confession of a shopaholic book? Well, I’m not like the protagonist —regarding shopping. But I guess I have kind of an addiction to fabric when I am surrounded by silk, cotton, wool with plenty of colors and different textures… all wrapped up and waiting to be cut before becoming a lil dress, a warm coat or even a trendy top.

—I am pretty sure I just look like a 6 years old girl looking at Santa for the 1st time.

So, my point is that I always have plenty of fabrics waiting to be sewn, but I can’t prevent myself from buying some more. But this time, I just wanted to use the vintage one my grandmother —who taught me the sewing basics when I was a teen— gave me 2 years ago. Dark, shiny, it had this deep colored background with gold lines. Perfect for sewing yokes and make a top for this falls!

Top: Back&forth

copy-of-copy-of-620px-x-867px-untitled-design-1So, yokes it was. As the project was quite easy, I made my own pattern.

After having thought it over and over again, I decided to place them on the front and the back of the top. At this time, I was thinking about using the same fabric for the stitching before changing my mind —again!— and use a shiny green one instead.

Skirt: Puffy-wavy

That’s not a breaking news: I love puffy skirts. And suede—see the proof here and there.

So, I decided to go for a suede skirt to match the green top.

“Into the woods”…

See the difference between the front and the back: the yokes at the back is much bigger… and the skirt is just as puffy as I wanted!

9 8 7 6Closer look
134Cost and time spent

Top: 7H – 10€

Skirt: 4H – 8€

Picture credits: Cecile Cailliere


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