(Lady) Bird

This time, I got inspired by a top produced by an ex co-worker for the past summer collection… and a speechless fabric.

How it all started

The least I could say is that I got a crush on this top and stars in the eyes when it landed straight into my closet.


The prints, the colors, the double collar, the poesy… how could I ever resist?

And then… I felt for this birds prints fabric near Montmartre.


The formula was quite simple:

1 cute-to-die top + 1 poetic fabric = … another version: my own.


I didn’t want to just make a copy of this one —it’s always more exiting to spice things up!—, so I decided to:

  • make it tighter
  • have a contrasting but simple collar (not double)
  • use a Claudine frame for the collar
  • insert an opening at the back

For the pattern, I used one from a Burda magazine and made the required modifications.


The result

sewing-top-birdsbackturn4 puffy skirtfront4The strong red of the collar is even more contrasting with the weather we had that day…But at least, the umbrella is bringing up another color touch.

—I particularly enjoyed hiking the fountain and climb the “Do not pass” sign 0:)

front3 front2

Let’s get closer…profilzoom

Looks familiar?

This is the same skirt I had made in summer 2015 to go with another blue top.

Cost and time spent

Time spent: 9H

Cost including yarn, fabrics and thermobondable textile: 19€

Picture credits: Cecile Cailliere


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