Transparency & asymmetry

4This time, I wanted a transparent skirt. But not one like all the ones that were a must-have a few years ago: …a unique one!

Time travel

I don’t know if you remember, but back in summer 2014, these skirts were absolutely everywhere:

maxi black transparent skirt

Even if if loved the little “transparent-but-half-only” design, I don’t like to wear a cloth just because it’s the trend —I do quite the opposite actually!

And the more I see a cloth on other people, the more I get bored with it. So, I slept on this idea for a while until I find the perfect pattern in a sewing magazine:

sewing patern

“Anything else?”

Well… yes! I wanted a loose top to go with it. As far as the skirt is quite sensual (short and transparent), I wanted a loose top, not low cut at all and very casual.


Remember the half transparent Tee-shirt I published a few weeks ago? I decided to re-used the same pattern and to buy the same fabric —but in purple this time. All I had to do left was to change the back and the collar.

The final outfit

black maxi transparent dress 2

The fall colors were perfect to match the purple/black colors

transparent long black skirt5678

Picture credits: Cecile Cailliere

Cost and time spent

Loose top: 3H – cost of 5€

Transparent skirt: 9H – cost of 22€ (including yarn, black fabrics and invisible zip)


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