gold-blue-skirtContrasting, shiny and hypnotic at the same time: this fabric was a must-see. A must-buy. And a must-sew.

The fabric

Around 2 years ago, I discovered the Malhia Kent shop in Paris —near Bastille. This is the perfect occasion to purchase luxury fabric for quite cheap! After having sewn a first top with yokes using one of their red-and-silver fabric, I bought an hypnotic gold and blue one that reminds me of a constellation of stars…

1-sewing—That is the moment where I could just look like Gollum whispering “my precious”…


The pattern

I decided to make an easy skirt and used the following pattern; but made the skirt shorter and removed the decorative buttons:


As the fabric was reversible, I went for the blue with gold touch for the bottom and the gold with blue touch for the belt… Plus a dark blue lining for the finishing!

The shooting

The least I could say is that this was a collaborative project! My friend Nare (a real fashionistas —see her blog here) was the fashion consultant, Anne-Sophie the model and Florent (see more of his pictures here) was the photographer.


Lucky us, it was a pleasant sunny Sunday at the park of Les Buttes-Chaumont and the fall colors were still here

Cost and time spent

Time: 6 hours

Total cost (including lining, fabric, invisible zip): 25€



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