Wedding guest outfit

crop top skirtAs I had to wear coral cloth for a wedding and had none, I made my one.

I wish…

Oh, sweet, sweet August: warm sunlight, outdoor chilling and … weddings. So there I was. Just learnt that the theme color was coral, stayed in front of my over-full closet desperately looking for something classy in this color. Of course, I could have gone for the amazing khaki naked back dress I initially planned to wear for the wedding party and ignore the theme, …but it wouldn’t have been that fun ;)

Lucky me, my aunt gave me a few weeks earlier an old coral silk tunique that was not my size neither my style, but with a lovely faded print. I removed the collar, cut the sleeves off and used the leftovers as a coupon to start a new top from coral coloredPicky me, after having made an open-shoulder T-shirt, I just didn’t like the result. Something was missing. So I undid the past 3 hours work and changed the base into a sleeveless crop top, with a silk lining.sewing machine

“Anything else?”

Well… better to find out something to wear with it! I had made an asymmetrical transparent black skirt past summer 2016. As the ratio time/result was pretty satisfying, I remade another one, but this time straight, and blue.I bought 1,5mtr of the main fabric (100% polyester) and 0,5mtr of the tone-on-tone lining (100% viscose). The pattern was extremely simple: 2 rectangles, 1 elastic band, and … voilà!

The D-day

The ceremony took place outdoor in a wonderful domain, around 40km away from Rennes in Britain.

silk crop top

…And there we were!

Time and cost

Top: 3+2hours – 0€!

Skirt: 5hours (the longest was the double-flat hem) – 25€


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